Epoxy System

Epoxy coatings provide protection against certain acids, alcohol, and alkaline while providing tremendous adhesion to the existing substrate. Epoxy systems can cover up pitting and cracks that are currently visible in the substrate. Creative Concepts coatings are low maintenance and make for easy cleaning. We install a variety of coating systems for multiple needs. For a decorative approach, these coatings can be broadcasted with a non-skid aggregate, quartz, vinyl pigments for an elegant marbling effect.

For added abrasion resistance a thin coat of urethane can be used as a topcoat. This will also provide protection against harsh detergents, fuels, fluids, and acid. Creative Concepts installs anti-microbial systems for hospitals. Creative Concepts installs static dissipative systems for hazardous industries where a build up of static electricity is a concern or need for a spark proof floor is required. Please contact us for consultation on a system that best suits your needs.

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