Polished concrete is one of the most beautiful and economic flooring options for plants and warehouses. Polished concrete helps save energy and reduce tire wear while protecting and dust proofing the surface. With its low maintenance and cost effective installation, Creative Concepts makes our polished concrete system a great investment.

There is no comparison when it comes to the durability of a polished concrete floor. Even the most durable epoxies and urethanes will require placement at some point. Polished concrete will never delaminate, chip, or peel. The hardeners used to densify the floor are breathable and penetrate into the surface so hydrostatic pressure will not be an issue.

Polished concrete is a 100% GREEN flooring system. Polished concrete reduces the use of materials used in installation compared to other floor toppings, treatments and coatings. In return, these alternative floor treatments will all end up in landfills as they are replaced. That one of the reasons why polished concrete is among the best ways to achieve LEED points for your facility.

Epoxy Systems

Creative Concepts offer many different epoxy systems. Epoxy systems are used for a number of different solutions. We offer many decorative epoxy systems to choose from such as chip systems, quartz systems, and metallic systems.

Creative Concepts highly reflective systems are industrial strength coatings that are extremely durable. Whether you are looking to resurface your floor with a high build epoxy system, or looking for a chemical resistant floor coating, Creative Concepts offers systems for your specific needs.

Creative Concepts also specializes in Anti-Microbial Systems that are typically used in hospital settings or as a topcoat to terrazzo systems. We also offer Static Dissipative Systems for pharmaceutical plants or other hazardous industries where build up of static electricity is a concern, or a spark proof floor is required.
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