Overlayments & Terrazzo

Self-leveling toppings gives the owner complete control over what the floor will look like. Just like an artist starting with a blank canvas, these toppings have an endless amount of options. They can be stained or have intrical color placed into the mix. We also give our clients the option of using terrazzo strips at construction joints or as a color divide for distinctive designs. These strips come in an array of colors and are made of zinc, brass, and PVC, which are impervious to the high alkaline content of Portland cement. We also offer endless options of aggregates from natural stone to recycled glass. We can represent a high-end cement terrazzo floor. Creative Concepts is certified to install General Polymers epoxy terrazzo.

Creative Concepts not only uses these self-leveling toppings for cement terrazzo, but also to revive and resurface older floors. This system will cover up any inconsistencies such as cracks, voids, and pitting that may have occurred over time. This cost effective system can be placed as little as ¼ inch to 5 inches. With its tenacious bonding adhesion, this system can be left open for foot traffic, vehicle traffic, or mechanical polishing within 24 hours.

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