Polished Concrete

With Creative Concepts endless amount of experience in the polished concrete industry, we offer our clients our GREEN polished concrete flooring systems. Polished concrete is a great sustainable flooring option that makes use of materials already present. Concrete is the material of choice for builders to use a structural foundation for their buildings.
Polishing concrete is a great way to accumulate LEED points. Not only is it a GREEN flooring system, aesthetically it is beautiful. It is typically more cost effective due to the fact that it eliminates the energy and materials that would be consumed by applying alternative floor coverings.

Polished concrete is an extremely hardwearing surface that will not chip or dent and requires little maintenance. This slip resistant flooring solution is among the most popular and effective flooring systems available. Creative Concepts offers the highest quality, production, and design that cannot be duplicated in the industry.
Environmental Benefits
  • Installed using an earth friendly GREEN process
  • Dust-proof and seals surface
  • Exceeds OSHAA standard on Static Coefficient Friction Test (slip resistant test).
  • No hydro-static/vapor pressure
  • Breathable flooring system
  • No delimination
Economical Benefits
  • More cost effective than floor coatings
  • Low maintenance
  • No waxing/stripping of floor

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